Here’s What Our Clients are Saying


We highly recommend Heckin Good Dog Training. We’ve been working with Erin for many months to coach our excitable golden retriever to be calmer for greetings, to direct her energy appropriately, and to engage with scary and anxiety-inducing stimuli with confidence and ease. Ginza has made tons of progress with Erin’s coaching, and we appreciate how communicative, responsive, kind and creative Erin is. We did a package of training sessions and now have a regular, standing ‘adventure walk’ that Ginza looks forward to so much every week.

– Emily & Michael

Erin truly goes above and beyond what I have seen other dog trainers do. She took the time to write up training plans tailored specifically to our dogs, and would share a writeup with us after each session so we remembered what to work on. At an affordable price, too. Besides, she is just the sweetest person: both you and your dog will love her!

-Chase & Sisi

Erin is AMAZING! She is wonderful to work with, has the kindest disposition and is so encouraging. My puppy loves her too and has learned so much!


– Melissa

Erin, founder of Heckin Good Dog Training, is one of the most sincere, genuine people we know. Her character definitely says a lot about her persona and mission to help our furry family adapt to our unique living styles as humans. From in person one on ones, to virtual private coaching, her passion for helping our pets bond with their humans leaves a secure blanket of trust between us and our pets. During the sessions, she is very clear about explaining each activity and how it translates to human and furfam. You leave with a deeper understanding and reassurance knowing that the goals provided are attainable and that Erin is open to answering any questions and even giving a summary to follow. Her coaching technique is so gentle and interactive,  that you yourself want to continue hanging out and learning with Erin. We have had nothing but a heckin good time with our training journey for Pocket. Thank you so much for establishing such a welcoming, loving brand for humans and our loved furfam. P.S. Ask her about her handmade fur love bow-ties, they are one of a kind. 🙂

– Jaymie

Erin has helped me train Freyia since she was about 5 weeks old. Right away my puppy and her developed a rapport I’ve never seen before. Erin recommendations on potty training were precise and in no time Freyia learnt to use the proper space for bathroom. We worked on developing Freyia’s crate as a comfort and safe place to be in when most dogs might see it as a time-out place or somewhere that is undesirable or as a punishment. Freyia stays there freely time and time again, even when I’m working or away. Later on we worked on developing her learning abilities and intelligence with fun games to solve with treats, food, etc. Freyia is 15 weeks old and she knows how to sit, remain calm, give her paw and is learning how to be around me and come back in public dog parks despite all distractions. Erin has also provided comprehensive customized written guides since the beginning to follow to empower me to keep Freyia’s education between sessions, and takes the time to recommend the right gear or toys for her. Erin uses positive reinforcement all the time with tremendous impact on the dog. Most of all I feel a lot of confidence in Erin as I know she loves my dog and genuinely cares for her. You should see how Freyia melts when greeting Erin. Needless to say, I highly value and recommend this service. Your dog will be in the best hands.

– Mauricio